A little ditty about our granola names

People are very curious about how I came up with the names of my granolas. So this week I am going to tell you about Aunt B’s Hemp Granola.
When I was a kid, my two brothers and I had to clean our rooms on Saturday mornings, and we always made it a little funner by sending each other “mail” to little mail boxes we had taped to our bedroom doors. We also had garage sales and bought little items like used pencils and erasers from each other with monopoly money. Of course we had to have pretend names as well, and while I cannot tell you my brothers names (for fear of death lol) I can tell you my name was Bea Beattle. My nephews loved to hear stories of us three kids growing up on the farm, but they always loved our pretend names, and called me Aunt B. It’s a name I love because it brings back such fond memories of when life was easier, slower, and simpler.
I guess the name just seemed to fit my favorite granola. Even with all the new granola flavors I have come up with, this one is #1 for me. I would love to know which granola is your favorite.
Thank you for your patronage. I appreciate you and love sharing stories with you!
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